​Based in Sydney, Australia, Complete Sound Studio ​offers affordable ​solutions for your music project. The
​studio is owned and operated by ​Australian producer, ​composer and audio engineer, Ryan Papa who
​has worked in the music industry ​for over a decade. 

​​​​​​​​​Contact us now to discuss your project:
[email] info@completesoundstudio.com
​[phone] +61 408 255 364
[skype] ryan.papa



$250 per song. Maximum 48 tracks, no edits. For larger projects, please contact for a quote.
Mixes include​, Analogue summing and processing as well as 3 free revisions. Any additional revisions are charged at $25 per revision.

$35 per song - Digital Mastering
$70 per song - Analogue Mastering

$25 per song - Additional Versions (Radio Edit / Club Mix etc)
​​​​​$25 additionally per project (Album/EP) - DDP File / RedBook CD / ISRC Embedding

Masters include two free revisions. Any additional revisions are charged at $25 per revision.
MP3 encoding is included free on request. 

$99 per song - Stem Mixing /Mastering. 8 outs of Analogue Summing and Master buss processing + Master

$55 per hour​ - Studio Time (including Engineer) This includes recording, over-dubbing, writing, composing.
$220 for full day

​​​​​Complete Sound Studio Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. ​​​



- Composing for Film & TV Scores   
- ​Gaming, Voice Over, Ad campaigns
- Production & Engineering
- Recording & Over-dubbing

- Full Track Mixdowns (all genres)
- Analogue Summing
- Remixes

- ​CD / Vinyl / Digital Mastering
- Mastered For iTunes
- ​DDP​ Creation
- ISRC embedding
-​​ MP3 encoding and tagging​


​​Located on Sydney's stunning  Northern Beaches, Complete Sound Studio is a modern, hybrid facility, utilizing the very best in both Analogue and Digital processing. Complete Sound Studio offers clients a variety of cost-effective solutions to suit a wide range of projects and budgets. ​​Our services include, Production, Composing, Recording & Over-Dubbing, Mixing & Mastering.